The Dragonfriek (bookwyrm) wrote,
The Dragonfriek

Random confession

Cakes are one of the few things I am reluctant to make from scratch. As much as I cook, I've just never really bothered with them. I can't finish eating them before they go bad, it's hard to halve a recipe that requires a particular size container to keep the right volume and consistency, and they neither freeze nor travel well. I only know two cake recipes-- red velvet cake and seven-up pound cake, both of which require hours of sifting and baking and cooling and frosting. Compare that to less than an hour of prep and bake for a quarter-batch of cookies. Cakes are also much fussier about the temperature and proportion of their ingredients, which nixes spontaneity and is tedious for a 'dollop of this, slug of that' style cook. So, when I crave cake, I just go for a mix. Maybe I should practice with cupcakes? But then I need those little paper cups, don't I?

(This was instigated by a spectacular cake failure last night. I made a cake that smelled like spice cake and tasted like baking soda. What a waste. This is why I hated carrot cake as a kid.)
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