The Dragonfriek (bookwyrm) wrote,
The Dragonfriek

Tron Legacy

For New Year's Eve, Buradin and I went to see Tron Legacy over at the Natick IMAX. I've got to say, the 3D was considerably better than it was for Avatar-- I could actually see things while wearing my glasses that weren't in blur-o-vision. It was amazing!
The movie itself was entertaining, at least. There were a lot of plot hooks and potential threads that didn't really go anywhere. I don't mind, though-- it could easily have bogged down in details or preachiness. Also y helo thar, Bruce Boxleitner. I'd recognize that voice anywhere. I covet the cloak-- I can't decide if I want to make it using reflective tape (which would be sensible) or EL wire or something similar (which would be AWESOME).

In all, it seemed a worthy successor to the original, but then I didn't have the hard-on for Tron that some others do. Nothing so revolutionary as the Matrix, but I'd be quite happy to go see it again on the big screen while I still have the chance.
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